We travel for the food, the sights and maybe even the bragging rights. But many of us travel for the physical and mental health benefits.

Whether we know it or not, booking a holiday is a step in the right direction when it comes to self-care.

Active travel can lower BMI levels and have a positive effect on mental well-being. A study by the Journal of Transport and Health found active travel ‘may even be considered as part of therapies to treat depression or other mental health diseases’.

The many Australians planning to travel internationally this year will be doing themselves a favour that will last well beyond their return date.

It all begins with planning the next trip – a well-earned incentive to keep motivated through life’s ups and downs.

The sense of discovery is what makes travel so good for us.

Now is sale season with Intrepid Travel and prices for worldwide travel are discounted until mid-February.

Intrepid is offering Australian customers up to 25 per cent off small group trips, which means travellers can see more of the world for less.

Many travellers will look to explore their own backyard with a 2022 survey showing Australia topped the list of travel destinations. The Intrepid Travel Index 2022 found 63 per cent want to travel domestically, while 37 per cent plan to venture abroad.

Morocco was the second most popular destination, followed by Vietnam, Egypt and Peru.

Filling out the top 10 was Jordan, Turkey, Costa Rica, Italy and Iceland.

The list reflects the surge in demand for adventure holidays, with many travellers opting for off-the-beaten track destinations filled with plenty of exercise such as hiking, cycling and camping.

Intrepid trips focus on sustainability by offering alternatives to crowded tourism destinations where the impact of heavy tourism flows can be damaging to the environment and incorporating environmentally responsible accommodation.

The travel company is also B Corp certified, which holds it accountable to sustainability goals and assures  customers of its high standards.

Travellers back the move towards more sustainable choices with 89 per cent of respondents telling Intrepid they were likely to select sustainable travel options for their next trip so their holidays are good for them and also local communities, and the planet.

So, it turns out that choosing to travel is an important way to care for your mental and physical health, and choosing an adventure with the right company is a great way to care for the environment too.

Intrepid’s worldwide sale ends 16th February, 2023. Book your 2023 travel adventure now with Intrepid.

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