Demeo took the Lords of Gaming office by storm when it debuted back in 2021. Its combination of smart tactical gameplay and VR fun made it an instant hit. Since then the game has gone on to provide robust post-launch support. This support will continue through the holidays with the launch of Reign of Madness. 

demeo madness

Reign of Madness will be the 5th Demeo adventure and comes on the heels of Curse of the Serpent Lord. Curse was praised for its added features and layers of difficulty. In Reign of Madness, the Mad Elven King returns to life courtesy of Rackarn. Players will close the Rift Bridge in their efforts to finally end Rackarn’s machinations. The adventure will launch on December 15th. Look for our impressions to follow shortly thereafter.

Joshua Reding

I am the former Editor in Chief of Lords of Gaming. I write about the philosophical underpinnings of video games, and narrative structures. Occasionally, I publish a novels in my ongoing series, The Heart Quest Saga.

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