The winter holidays wouldn’t be complete without a few gingerbread treats, and Flo has prepared a special gingerbread shake for visitors to Radiator Springs in Disney California Adventure.

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The shake is available through January 8 at Flo’s V8 Cafe, along with the New Motion, Blueberry Insight, Hard Sparkling Black Tea.

Gingerbread Shake – $10.99

With whipped topping and a gingerbread cake dough-nut

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We dare say this might be the best shake on property. This drink has found a way to distill the essence of gingerbread, including the bready, baked flavor, and make a shake out of it.

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It’s not overly spiced as many gingerbread cookies and cakes are. Baked goods can handle some heavy spice, ice cream cannot. Luckily, this shake gets some of the flavor notes of the ginger and spice without letting it overpower the sweet, creamy shake.

flos gingerbread shake 2022 155336

It’s almost buttery, which sounds odd but it’s an apt description and it comes off so well that it must be tasted to be believed. The additional cake on top, the dough-nut, is a nice touch to bring that hit of ginger spice in an accommodating way.

flos gingerbread shake 2022 155338

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this shake and will definitely be returning for it again on our next trip down Route 66.

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