The church is a place of worship for Christians that preserves the history and culture of the religion. It is enclosed by its aesthetic walls that have heard more than a million prayers. Featuring vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, pointed arches and flying buttresses, churches are designed to not only take you on a spiritual awakening but also open a whole new world where art and architecture converge. The most beautiful churches in the world have been carved beyond perfection and have journeyed from an idea to iconic monuments where architecture climbs a ladder from being grand to the divine. By Priyanshi Agrawal

Churches are built in various architectural styles, including Tudor, Victorian, Modern, Art nouveau, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic. These types have strong connections with history and thus, many churches are constructed with a blend of such aspects, documenting the era in which they were built or refurbished. Such is their magnificence and heritage that these churches have even been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which surely amplifies their importance and becoming famous among tourists. 

While discovering the history on a walk-through, offering prayers is one of the aspects of visiting a cathedral; soaking in the divine vibe and admiring the beauty of art and architecture is another.

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